About Us

Khatana Group began in 2017. We are a Building Construction Company engaged in providing various kind of civil construction service that include Electrical work, Civil Construction work, Structural Designing, Planning, Landscaping, 3D interior/ Exterior designing, plumbing works, Interior Decoration, Renovation and HRDA map passing. The company also supplies every type of construction materials.

Our success comes from a steadfast commitment to the client’s vision and a culture of balance, integrity, leadership and loyalty. At Benchmark, we transform the construction experience through creation of an environment that fosters collaboration and project team engagement. We provide high quality services and all the drawings are up to standards of development Authority. Our highly experienced Structure designers and Architects provides the best possible and safe design of building fulfilling the client needs. 

With a workplace that attracts and retains the best employees in every field. We are proud of the dedication, skill, and integrity of each of our employees, and their unique contributions in building our high-performance teams.

 We have built a work environment of empowerment and collaboration. Our driven and passionate team members are true masters of their trade. 

Through career advancement initiatives, a focus on work-life balance, and a team approach to projects, we challenge each employee to achieve their full potential.


Company Owner: Satish Kumar Khatana